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Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist

The Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification has been retired as of February 15, 2018. Those with a current certification will remain active until its unique expiration date.

Business Training for Technical Professionals

Find out how you can win over management and implement your technology vision. (4:06 min)


The Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification is for IT professionals who play a key role in helping their organizations use technology to improve business outcomes. This job role based certification will sharpen a candidate's skills in:

  • Capturing business needs.
  • Assessing technology options from a business context and contribute to their deployment.
  • Understanding an IT solution's return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Influencing and communicating effectively with business leaders.

Unlike other business classes for IT professionals, this certification is holistic and reflects multiple topics often described in today's IT roles. These subjects include: business analysis, technology trends, finance, business-focused solution design, organization change / IT adoption and effective communications.


There are no prerequisites required for this certification. However, Cisco recommends candidates have a basic understanding of business analysis principles and techniques prior to taking the Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS) course.

Exams & Recommended Training

Required Exam Recommended Training
820-427 BTBBSS
Retired: February 15, 2018
Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS)

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What's New?

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Begin your journey to building strong business skills needed to bridge technology and desired business results for your customers’ successful digital transformation. 

Train & Study

The best way to prepare for the certification is to take the Cisco-approved training:

Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS)

This course provides individuals with business-related knowledge and skills to create higher IT value. Attendees can then improve business effectiveness, grow revenue through new products or markets and improve IT-business understanding.

Participants learn techniques to understand business operating models, quantify the financial impact of IT decisions, accelerate technology adoption plus translate across IT and non-IT terminology.

Learning Partner Content

Take Exam

To earn this Cisco certification, you must pass the following exam(s):

820-427 BTBBSS

Retired: February 15, 2018

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of skills to effectively discover opportunities for IT value, design, and oversee development of business-focused solutions plus translate among business and IT language. These abilities are highly valued by IT and Line of Business leaders, as indicators that an IT professional has the expertise and influence to deliver superior business impacts. 


The Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification is valid for two years. To recertify:

  • Pass the current version of BTBBSS exam.