Application Engineered Routing

Improve Application Agility

Learn how Application Engineered Routing will affect service provider networks

Improve Application Agility

Bringing together applications and network interactions

Interaction between applications and network infrastructure has been rather limited but this exchange becomes increasingly important to service providers and enterprises. Greater interaction helps service providers optimize their network infrastructure and, more importantly, offer new services that can generate incremental revenues.

The Cisco Application Engineered Routing solution can raise this interaction to a previously unachievable level. This simple and scalable architecture uses customer network assets and augments them with network programmability capabilities. These capabilities allow applications to program the network, delivering end-to-end, per-flow policy from the data center through the WAN to end users.

Cisco Application Engineered Routing has three main components: applications, an SDN controller, and a network infrastructure that allows segment routing. Figure 1 shows how these components work together.


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How does Application Engineered Routing benefit you?

Deeper interaction between applications and network infrastructure brings a variety of positive business outcomes for service providers:

  • Unleash service innovation that promotes incremental revenues.
  • Reduce capital expenditures, as dynamic rerouting of traffic allows higher asset utilization.
  • Decrease operating expenses, as a result of simplified configuration and troubleshooting, along with greater network resiliency.

The Cisco Application Engineered Routing solution is founded on four architectural tenets:

  • Simple: Requires fewer network protocols; automated sub-50-ms FRR protection.
  • Agile: Works across multiple network domains; can be implemented on physical and virtual network elements.
  • Scalable: Provides single per-flow state in network; increases scalability; provides granular, per-application service.
  • Programmable: Programs network with application requirements.

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