Internet of Everything Case Study: Alaska Dept. of Transportation

Saving Lives in Treacherous Conditions

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Saving Lives in Treacherous Conditions

The 3400 workers of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities make sure that goods and services travel safely across the wilderness.


  • Implement telephone, radio, and Internet communication capabilities along one of the harshest stretches of highway in the United States
  • Achieve absolute reliability in spite of extreme conditions
  • Improve safety for staff and the public traveling the Dalton and Elliott Highways



  • Fast response to emergency situations with appropriate equipment
  • Expandability to broaden reach and improve safety and responsiveness
  • Significantly more efficient equipment management and maintenance

We could quickly dispatch vital equipment and people and communicate no matter where I was. The impact of this system has been amazing.
- Jeff Russell,
Dalton Area Superintendent