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Brand Security

Protect your store and your brand

Retailers are handling data and inventory more than ever before. As security threats grow increasingly sophisticated and more frequent, retailers must turn physical security and retail IT security into a competitive advantage rather than a cost. Implement digital capabilities to keep consumer data safe, secure assets, and simplify regulatory compliance.

Brand security use cases

Loss prevention and safety

Reduce shrink, secure the store, and improve the safety of your customers and associates.

Threat defense

Keep consumer data safe, secure assets, and simplify regulatory and process compliance. 

Optimized store connectivity

Keep customers and associates securely connected with the brand’s network and scale your connectivity across locations.

Featured resources

Security Retail Case Studies

Read about three retailers who made security a competitive advantage for their environment.

Cisco cybersecurity report

Cisco provides strategies and tools on how to deal with cyber attackers.

Complex retail security

Retail analyst IHL Group reveals how to make security work for your retail business.

Bridge online and offline retail with secure connectivity

See how IT infrastructure and the right technologies bring store connectivity to life.

CorePower Yoga secures studios via cloud

"With Meraki, we spend less than a third of the time as before when setting up a new studio. There are a lot of cost savings by having the efficiencies that we’ve gotten with Meraki."

Jeff Collinsworth, IT Manager, CorePower Yoga

Take the virtual reality tour

Take a virtual tour of our Connected Cisco Store in San Jose to see our retail solutions in a living, functional store environment.

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