Physical and Cyber Security

Protect your store and your brand

As security threats grow increasingly sophisticated and more frequent, retailers must turn physical security and retail IT security into a competitive advantage rather than a cost. Prioritize customer and associate safety, safeguard goods, and build loyalty by securing consumer data and privacy. 

Capabilities and solutions

Safety and surveillance

Monitor store and other location environments to protect customers and associates.

Loss prevention and fraud detection

Reduce inventory shrinkage and other losses due to theft and fraud.

Secure connectivity and optimization

Securely connect stores and prioritize traffic to ensure uptime and reliability.

Threat defense

Protect corporate and customer information by identifying and blocking cybersecurity threats.

Featured Resources

Simplify your retail security

In a world of digital touchpoint complexity, remain secure.

Cloud drives secure agility

Find out how cloud is enabling retailers to improve physical operations and enhance safety. (PDF - 1.34 MB)

Security retail case studies

Read about three retailers who made security a competitive advantage for their environment. (PDF - 2.5 MB)

Facilitating international growth

Security is our utmost priority, because we are dealing with personal data, valuables, and company inventories. Above all, we were confident of the Cisco Meraki solution in this area.

Helen Ng, CEO, Lock+Store

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