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Security for Retail

Protect your store and your brand

Weak security can damage brand loyalty and customers' trust. Turn cybersecurity preparedness into a competitive advantage rather than a cost. Protect your brand and secure your operations. Implement digital capabilities that help keep consumer data safe, secure assets, and simplify regulatory and process compliance.

Customer loyalty starts with security

Mitigate theft and fraud

Surveillance analytics offer a first-level defense. Video tracks real-time movement and assesses anomalies.

Protect sensitive data

Safeguard customer, employee, and credit card data across multiple channels.

Secure digital assets

An end-to-end security architecture protects your brand and assets before, during, and after a cyber attack.

Simplify compliance

One highly secure, consolidated platform protects your customers’ data--and your business.

CorePower Yoga secures studios via cloud

"With Meraki, we spend less than a third of the time as before when setting up a new studio. There are a lot of cost savings by having the efficiencies that we’ve gotten with Meraki."

Jeff Collinsworth, IT Manager, CorePower Yoga

Get Security for Retail to protect your brand

Manage compliance with a security strategy

Data breaches continue to threaten organizations’ brands, reputations, and profits.  Our strategy and technical advisors can help secure your store.

Secure Access for customers and associates

Gain customer loyalty and protect your brand by providing consistent security and network visibility through an integrated deployment.

Protect your employees from ransomware

Reducing the risk of attacks requires more than a single product. Our architectural approach strengthens defenses with detection, visibility, and intelligence.

Segment your network for PCI compliance

Segment and streamline security policy management across user devices (shopper, associate, corporate). Meet PCI and other compliance mandates. 

Secure your critical data

Retail digital transformation should begin with security at its core. Analyze, simplify, automate, and protect your data center network and apps. 

Simple, automated, and effective

Get protection from the store to the cloud to the data center.