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Optimizing retail IT and store operations


Locator icon Osaka, Japan
Employees icon 485 employees

AS ONE Corporation is a general trading company that sells scientific instruments. Their immense product catalog of 1.4 million products called for servers and storage—which was becoming increasingly difficult to scale. AS ONE was hoping to build a single-packaged solution leveraging virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology to accommodate and protect their mobile workforce and save on operations expense in the process.

  • Create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for all employees using high performance, easy-to-manage products
  • Reduce worker hours, costs of construction, and the operational management burden
  • The ability to grasp the status of every component at once with a central management console, therefore simplifying operation and management
  • The company has strengthened their VDI environment and now supports all employee terminals

We have deployed the Cisco HyperFlex system and experienced firsthand the benefits, such as performance and operation manageability, that could not be achieved through combinations of individual products.”

“I really did not believe I would be able to use it in just 30 minutes.”

Shinichi Hakoda
IT Promotion Department Manager
AS ONE Corporation