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Associate Experience

Associates transform the retail environment

Continual access to levels of customer, store, business, and inventory data is key for last mile opportunities. Enhance effectiveness and productivity of in-store associates by ensuring they have the right information, at the right time, for whatever the customer might need.

Capabilities and solutions

Customer engagement

Equip associates to deliver a personalized and contextual customer experience.

Inventory management

Ensure products are easily tracked, stocked and located.

Mobile point of sale

Reduce wait-times and give customers a lasting positive impression by providing check-out from anywhere in the store, curbside, or at the place of order delivery.

Order fulfillment

Enable associates to quickly and accurately fill and deliver customer orders.

Training and communications

Enable staff communication within a store and between locations and provide a platform for delivering and consuming training.

Featured Resources

Four tips for associate engagement

Cisco explains how leveraging retail associates in-store only increases retail revenue.

Connecting the retail workforce

See how Under Armour and other organizations that have enhanced associate productivity with Cisco.

Strengthen your greatest asset

Empower your associates with data and digital tools to maximize operational efficiency.

Collaboration in retail

Retail teams can work more intuitively with digital and collaboration tools.

Amway call center

The new Cisco solution will enable Customer Service to move forward on a new platform that is designed to be scalable, extensible, and flexible. This will allow Amway North America Customer Service to provide additional services in a quicker and more agile fashion.

Rion Hollenback, Corporate Unified Communications Manager, Amway

Take the virtual reality tour

Take a virtual tour of our Connected Cisco Store in San Jose to see our retail solutions in a living, functional store environment.

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