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Powering the next generation of sustainable manufacturing

Good for business and the planet

At Cisco, sustainability is essential

We believe sustainability is essential to powering an inclusive future for all. In today's business climate, manufacturers are also making sustainability a priority. Besides being good for the planet, achieving higher levels of sustainability can deliver tangible results in increased sales, more positive brand regard, compliance with regulations, lower energy costs, and reduced waste.


Of customers are willing to pay more for products manufactured sustainably.

Source: Nielsen's Global Corporate Sustainability Report


Of purchasing decisions are influenced by a manufacturer’s sustainably efforts.

Source: AT Kearney


Of sales increase in response to manufacturers achieving greater sustainability.

Source: Accenture

Cisco’s technologies deliver the advanced architecture you need to optimize sustainability

Enable pervasive energy monitoring with sensors and data-collection systems.

Improve operational efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime.

Monitor environmental factors while reducing waste through analytics, predictive maintenance, and networking.

Improve plant equipment utilization through increased asset tracking.

A sustainable future starts with action

Discover more about how Cisco’s sustainability facility solutions can help your organization, or explore our manufacturing technologies in specific detail.