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Connected Mobility in Manufacturing

Factories of the future

We can connect your factory digitally to optimize assets and reduce downtime. 

What you gain with mobility in manufacturing

Reliable, always-on connectivity

Get highly secure Wi-Fi with network redundancy even in hard-to-reach locations. 

Safety and accountability

Save time and costs with network visibility to improve the use of labor and assets.

Real-time alerts to reduce downtime

Quickly respond to information by identifying and contacting the right plant managers.

High-bandwidth remote expert

Support video conferencing to efficiently connect with offsite experts for troubleshooting.

Daimler finds a better way to build trucks

"We produce and collect a massive amount of data to understand where we are during the assembly of the truck. Now we can provide dashboard information to management, stay informed about any parts shortages, and know the status of the vehicle in real time, any time."

Dieter Haban, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America

I need to...

Upgrade my wireless network

Get more speed, capacity, and reliability for business-critical applications.

Provide versatile Wi-Fi across the plant floor

Our Wi-Fi foundation supports analytics, device connectivity, hard-to-reach sensors, and cameras.

Extend coverage to extreme environments

Our industrial and outdoor access points offer advanced wireless features and 802.11ac support.

Improve worker and asset utilization

Power real-time analytics and worker engagement for greater operational efficiencies.

Plan, implement, and manage services

Our experts help you optimize your Wi-Fi foundation for manufacturing.

Ready your factory network for the future

Find out about the challenges manufacturers face when planning a technology refresh.

Executive views on mobility

See what 1400 business leaders have to say in the Cisco Enterprise Mobility Survey.