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Industrial Networking

Cisco’s Connected Factory solutions boost performance with a secure industrial network backbone.

Create an end-to-end network architecture

Use the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect business systems with automation and control. Leverage our tested, validated designs to optimize industrial network performance.

Factory Network

Connect automation and control systems to IT systems with a converged, standards-based industrial Ethernet network.

Factory Wireless

Create a unified, highly secure wireless network, and improve communications on the plant floor.

Factory Security

Protect plant assets and production integrity with our suite of industrial security products, technologies, and services.

We can help you...

Achieve end-to-end visibility in the era of IoT

Improve plant visibility and advanced analytics with a fully connected factory. 

Bridge the gap between IT and OT

IT and OT must work together effectively if manufacturers want to achieve the potential of the industrial IoT.

Deploy an effective smart factory

Explore tips for bringing your company's IT and operations teams together to make wireless work on the factory floor.

Digital manufacturing front-runners

Connecting the Factories at Coca-Cola Consolidated

CCC Inc., the largest Coca-Cola bottler franchise in the United States, sees connecting all production assets through a "Connected Factory" capability as a key to improving operational performance.

Automaker improves ROI

See how General Motors standardized its operations and got a 166 percent return on investment.

Aluminum smelter boosts efficiency

Cisco and Rockwell Automation help Emirates Aluminum optimize plant production.

Bring IT and OT teams together

Connecting IT and OT with digital manufacturing projects can save money and boost efficiency.

Accelerate digital transformation and ROI

Our comprehensive consulting services for the Cisco Connected Factory help you plan, design, build, optimize, and manage your solution.

Marcegaglia's factory of the future

The investment we had to make was aimed at completing the transformation of Marcegaglia into a connected factory by adopting a unified network for the company and the plants that could enable process re-engineering from an Internet of Things perspective all the way along a totally computerized supply chain.

Livio Bonatti, Network Infrastructure Manager at Marcegaglia