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TSN enables the Industrial Internet of Things

TSN delivers determinism over standard Ethernet. With TSN, Industrial IoT applications run over the same Ethernet infrastructure as time-critical communications. Manufacturers no longer need to make exceptions for critical control applications. TSN can eliminate silos that block reachability to critical components and can help you to extract real-time data for analytics and business insights.

Industrial IoT applications such as voice, video, and application data streams share the same standards-based network infrastructure without impacting critical control applications.

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TSN - A standards-based approach for Industrial IoT

TSN is based on the work of the IEEE 802.1 TSN working group. To ensure TSN vendor interoperability, Cisco is an active participant in AVnu, a multi-vendor organization that defines interoperability standards for TSN devices, and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

What TSN offers

  • The ability to collect real-time data to perform analytics, gain operational insights, and increase productivity
  • CapEx savings with a single network infrastructure shared across industrial IoT and control applications
  • Delivery of critical control application traffic over Ethernet
  • Consistent latency (within nanoseconds) for tighter control loops and increased efficiency for operations who require determinism
  • A growing ecosystem of product vendors that deliver on open standards

The move to digitization and interoperability is underway. With everything connected in a standard way on a shared network infrastructure, organizations can transition to optimization and increased performance. Discover one secure network for Industry 4.0!

Industrial Ethernet for TSN

TSN is available as a software update on the industry-leading Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4000 Series Switches product family.

Cisco IOS Version 15.2(5)E2 or later is required to deploy TSN. All Cisco IE 4000 models support TSN.