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Facilitate safety and security

Protect the physical campus; create a greater sense of personal safety and security.

Supporting education institutions through COVID-19

Power distance learning

Teach and learn anywhere with Collaboration for Education.

Secure remote administration

Enable secure administrative collaboration and distance learning anywhere with Cisco Secure Remote Worker.

Rapid start
with CX

Ease the transition to distance learning with CX offers for education by Webex.

Discover #EducationNow

#EducationNow is a guide to the triumphs, trials, and transformations of education today.

Challenges and drivers

Ensure physical campus safety to foster a productive learning environment for students

Protect personal, administrative and research data from cyber-attacks

Securely manage the multitude of student, teacher, and administrative devices connecting to the network 

Capabilities and solutions

Network, endpoint, and web security

Create a safe and secure learning environment by blocking cyber threats that try to access your network--on campus or off.

Identity and access control

Protect data, research, and intellectual property, by providing access only to those who are authorized.

Video surveillance and physical security

Protect your students and staff, with video surveillance IP cameras and analytics that monitor campus activity and detect threats faster.

Education virtual tour

Explore how our solutions and our global ecosystem of partners can help facilitate safety and security.

Lessons in cybersecurity

Protect your institution, staff, and students by providing a secure foundation for learning –- on campus and off.