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Create a safe and secure learning environment

Today's schools and universities can be the targets of both physical threats and cyber attacks. Cisco security solutions for schools help you keep students, staff, and data safe and secure, whether on campus, off campus, or en route on school vehicles.

Protect what matters most

Enhance student safety

Establish a productive learning environment where you can safeguard students, staff, and educators. 

Communicate effectively

Easily communicate with staff, students, and parents in an emergency.

Guard valuable information

Protect student and faculty information, as well as intellectual property.

Stop cyber threats before they happen

Get fast, continuous threat detection and full visibility into anomalous behavior, with security embedded networkwide.

5 minutes with an edtech expert

Learn how this Texas district implemented a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to build a safer school environment.


Closely monitor campus activity

Use video surveillance IP cameras and analytics to monitor campus activity. Promote student safety and detect threats faster.

Keep students, staff, and parents informed

In an emergency, communicate securely with staff, students, and parents through notifications and unified communications.

Reduce risk with security everywhere

Protect students, staff, and visitors on the network with real-time threat intelligence and policy enforcement. 

Secure your network

Set next-generation identity and access-control policy to enforce compliance and enhance network security.

Expand threat protection

Harness the power of our industry-leading security-intelligence experts, who analyze threats and help protect you against them.


Translate technology into student success with our global expertise, innovation, and service quality.

Experience next-generation education

Take our virtual tour to see how schools and universities are using Cisco technology across campuses.

Get started

The Cisco Digital Education Platform is your foundation for student success in a connected world. Built on a highly secure core network, the platform provides uncompromising collaboration tools, state-of-the-art wireless, and security everywhere.

News and events

Keep your school district safe

Learn how to protect your school from hackers and ransomware.

A community approach to safer schools

For safer schools, it's time to think beyond schools walls. Explore ways that educators and public safety leaders can collaborate.

Cybersecurity challenges in higher ed

60% of higher ed institutions have experienced a public breach. Learn about the top threats and solutions.