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Connected Research

Power groundbreaking research

Cisco Connected Research solutions give researchers, faculty, and students the tools they need to connect and collaborate seamlessly, on campus and around the world. Conduct research--including high-performance computing (HPC)--in a secure environment. Quickly scale computing resources to fuel innovation. 

Supporting education institutions through COVID-19

Power distance learning

Teach and learn anywhere with Collaboration for Education.

Secure remote administration

Enable secure administrative collaboration and distance learning anywhere with Cisco Secure Remote Worker.

Rapid start
with CX

Ease the transition to distance learning with CX offers for education by Webex.

Discover #EducationNow

#EducationNow is a guide to the triumphs, trials, and transformations of education today.

Innovate faster and more securely

Connect researchers worldwide

Researchers can connect, collaborate, and innovate seamlessly from anywhere.

Improve operational efficiency

With complete control of your institution's computing capabilities, you can save time and money.

Protect intellectual property

Embedded security protects your researchers' valuable findings.

Power new research opportunities

High-performance computing provides the ability to analyze vast quantities of data across fields.

WFU expands scientific research

We want to make it easy for faculty to access the broad range of computational services we offer, and Cisco UCS helps us return on that vision.

Adam Carlson, HPC Systems Administrator, Wake Forest University


Turn petabytes of data into discoveries

Build a shared data-center infrastructure for IT services and high-performance computing. Fuel groundbreaking research and offer outstanding application experiences for users.

Share, brainstorm, and develop

Researchers can engage with peers in disparate locations. Through interactive video and virtual labs, they can share findings, brainstorm, and develop new knowledge.

Scale IT resources to fuel innovation

Adjust your institution's computing capabilities quickly and cost-effectively to meet the needs of researchers.

Reduce risks with security everywhere

Secure data with fast, continuous threat detection and full visibility into anomalous behavior, embedded across the entire network. 

Take advantage of outside experts

Students and researchers are no longer limited to the expertise on campus. Bringing in global learning and outside perspectives is now possible with collaboration technology.


Translate technology into student success with our global expertise, innovation, and service quality.

Experience next-generation education

Take our virtual tour to see how schools and universities are using Cisco technology across campuses.

Get started

The Cisco Digital Education Platform is your foundation for student success in a connected world. Built on a highly secure core network, the platform provides uncompromising collaboration tools, state-of-the-art wireless, and security everywhere.

News and events

Ignite innovation

Your data center can fuel groundbreaking research, exceptional experiences, and hybrid transformation.

Harness the power of HPC

See how the power of high-performance computing (HPC) can drive research.

Build a research-enabled campus

High-performance computing provides researchers with the ability to solve critical challenges.