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Connect the campus

Provide a reliable and robust experience that bridges the physical and virtual campus.

Supporting education institutions through COVID-19

Power distance learning

Teach and learn anywhere with Collaboration for Education.

Secure remote administration

Enable secure administrative collaboration and distance learning anywhere with Cisco Secure Remote Worker.

Rapid start
with CX

Ease the transition to distance learning with CX offers for education by Webex.

Discover #EducationNow

#EducationNow is a guide to the triumphs, trials, and transformations of education today.

Challenges and drivers

Integrate new learning technologies to personalize learning and improve student outcomes

Increase student access to learning through online resources and content on any device

Implement smart campus technologies to maximize resources and improve safety

Capabilities and solutions

Campus wireless and connectivity

Highly secure, reliable, and robust wireless delivers the experience that students demand and expect.

Technical overview | Cisco Wireless | Cisco DNA Spaces | Meraki

Location services

Equip students with online tools to help them navigate their full campus experience more productively.

Technical overview | Cisco Wireless | Cisco DNA Spaces | Meraki

Smart campus and automation

Optimize the campus experience with facilities automation, lighting, energy efficiency, occupancy analytics, and security.

Technical overview | Kinetic for Cities | Cisco UCS

Education virtual tour

Explore how our solutions and our global ecosystem of partners can help connect your campus.