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The smart hybrid campus

The smart hybrid campus


Welcome to the era of flexible spaces.

Hybrid campuses provide the insights, analytics, and control you need to optimize your campus in real time.

As you’ll see, a smart campus
is a smart investment.

Build the flexible campus.

Frame the campus around occupants’ needs with 90W Universal Power over Ethernet (UPOE+), from enhancing residential living to on- and offcampus connectivity.

  • Scale campus
    Scale campus spaces and the network based on utilization.
  • Provide device support
    Provide device support and connection anywhere, anytime.
  • Offer home-like
    Offer home-like access for on-campus residents.
  • Reduce electrical
    Reduce electrical materials costs by 30%.
see campus wireless solutions

It saves to go smart.

With Cisco DNA Center and Cisco Edge Intelligence, every piece of campus infrastructure is programmable

  • Autoregulate classroom
    Autoregulate classroom temperatures, lighting, and occupancy.
  • Automatically apply
    Automatically apply policy throughout the campus.
  • Improve network reliability
    Improve network reliability and performance.
  • Simplify oversight
    Simplify oversight with one management system.
  • Automatically segment
    Automatically segment and secure user devices.
Explore the smart campus

Healthier. Safer. Smarter.

Center your campus around staff and student well-being.

  • Smart spaces
    Smart spaces adjust to optimize occupant wellness.
  • Deliver proximity
    Deliver proximity and density monitoring across campus.
  • Gain insights
    Gain insights into student wellness and retention with mobile data.
  • Support health measures
    Support health measures with location services and analytics.
prioritize health and safety

Secure your spaces.

Create a safe learning environment with a secure network and applications—on campus and off.

  • Detect network traffic
    Detect network traffic anomalies.
  • Extend data protections
    Extend data protections and monitoring to any campus service.
  • Mine data-driven
    Mine data-driven security insights from behavioral patterns.
  • Enable a sense
    Enable a sense of secure openness across campus.
Secure your campus

Smart. Hybrid. Flexible. Resilient.

Build your hybrid campus today with Cisco education and smart building solutions.