Cisco User Defined Network

When it comes to shared network, it’s often a tale of two frustrations.

IT Admins lament the lack of security and face long queues filled with end-users
who can’t deploy their devices to the network.

End-users find that they want more control over who can connect to their devices and
desire an easier process of registering their gear.

shared network

Cisco User Defined Network

What is
Cisco User Defined Network?

Cisco User Defined Network removes the frustration of a shared network experience by giving the end-user and IT Admin exactly what they want: an easier way to register and manage their devices when connected to the network.

How? Cisco User Defined Network provides each end-user with their own network partition. Via a mobile app, end-users can securely and easily register their devices so that they’re ready to go as soon as they step foot on campus.

Also the Cisco User Defined Network app provides end-users oversight to their network partition where they can provide and deny network access with a touch of a button.

Getting Started with Cisco User Defined Network

How does it work? Since Cisco User Defined Network is a feature of Cisco Catalyst Center (Available second half of
calendar year 2020), the first thing that the IT Admin has to do is confirm that the latest version of Cisco Catalyst Center is
downloaded and deployed to the network. Prior to the arrival of the end-users, an email can be sent to all with
instructions on downloading the Cisco User Defined Network app—available in the Apple App or
Google Play stores—and providing credentials allowing for device registration.

Getting Started with Cisco User Defined Network

Your Cisco User Defined Network checklist:

tickCisco Catalyst Center

tickCisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers

tickCisco User Defined Network mobile app

tickCisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

tickCisco Catalyst Wi-Fi 6/6E or Aironet 802.11ac Wave 2 access points

You don’t have to be on
campus to register devices

Devices can be registered from anywhere
via the Cisco UDN app and it will be ready
to be used once the end-user arrives on
campus. Once on the shared network, the
end-user is able to exert far more control
over his or her network than before.
Plus, it’s more secure too!

ampus to register devices
Frustrations fade

Frustrations fade!

Not only have the lines of perplexed end-users leading
to the IT Admin office shrunk to almost nothing.
But the IT Admins are actually able to focus on
other priorities.

End-users are happy because they haven’t wasted
a day standing in line and are able to use their devices
as soon as they get on campus.

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