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Author Biography

Francois Tallet

Technical Leader

Francois Tallet is a Technical Leader in the Enterprise Solutions Engineering team at Cisco, focusing on data center infrastructure design. He joined Cisco in 1997 as a customer support engineer in the LAN Switching team in Brussels. As a subject matter expert in Layer 2, he later moved to the Catalyst 6000 engineering team in the United States. He later was part of the IEEE 802.1 working group, introducing the Layer 2 Gateway Port concept in 802.1ah. He also led the development of the standard implementation of Multiple Spanning Trees protocol (MST, IEEE 802.1s) and designed a new version of the Vlan Trunk Protocol (VTP3) and the Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP). Tallet holds CCIE certification 3539 and holds two master's degrees in parallel computing and computer networking.

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