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Cisco Intelligent WAN with Akamai

Cisco Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect helps businesses deliver high-quality digital experiences with minimal bandwidth impact, regardless of device, connectivity, or cloud. It delivers next-generation application optimization to speed up the Cisco IWAN by extending the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM directly into the branch router. This fully integrated solution helps organizations improve customer engagement and employee productivity while reducing network infrastructure costs through lower bandwidth consumption.

A Great User Experience Every Time

Get more out of your branch network using Cisco Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect.

Cisco IWAN with Akamai Connect brings together optimization for web and mobile applications. The solution integrates routing, security, caching, and WAN optimization technologies into a single box solution that lowers IT costs and complexity.

Cisco IWAN with Akamai Connect provides the following benefits:

  • For businesses: In-branch revenue growth with improved connected digital experiences for customers and employees
  • For customers: High-quality experiences of rich media and web and mobile applications inside the branch
  • For IT: Simple management at low cost; extension of the Akamai platform to the branch, so rich applications can be delivered over existing pipes

Customers across industries can now deliver innovative services at the branch with performance-sensitive and data-heavy web and media applications. Examples include:

  • Extending online commerce to the retail store
  • Opening "branch of the future" in banking
  • Delivering rich media curricula to students
  • Sharing medical images and records across clinics
  • Delivering on-demand sales training and new-hire instructions to employees

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