Control facilities costs

Control your second-largest expense

Your facilities costs are second only to employee salaries. By helping you better understand how space is used, Cisco Workplace Analytics can give you the insight to significantly reduce capital and operating expenses.

Reduce capital and operating costs by up to 50%

Consolidate facilities


Consolidate regions, campuses, or buildings based on actual usage.

Align space to employee types

Align space to use types

Identify mobile, remote, and deskbound employees and use groups to align them with the right work space.

Optimize space utilization

Optimize space

Determine which spaces are underused or overused to optimize layout.

Unobstrusive data collection

Collect data unobstrusively

Get information in real-time, without expensive, point-in-time site surveys.

What’s inside Workplace Analytics

Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences

CMX uses your Cisco Aironet wireless network to detect the Wi-Fi signals of employee laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Cisco Aironet Access Points

Cisco Aironet access points

Cisco Aironet access points offer a range of wireless capabilities to fit your needs.

Cisco Hyperlocation solution

Cisco Hyperlocation solution

Hyperlocation gives CMX more granular location information, providing detailed room-usage data.

How Rifiniti uses CMX

Rifiniti Optimo

Rifiniti uses CMX location data and advanced data science to provide facilities and occupancy insights and analytics. 

Use Workplace Analytics to...

  • Understand how many people are actually using workspace
  • See the mix of deskbound, remote, and mobile employees and where they work
  • Know which room types--conference, audio privacy, or other--are in highest demand

  • Determine where to consolidate to cut costs
  • Place related work groups closer to facilitate collaboration