Operations and asset management

Get more from your operations

Centralize management of your smart, connected operations to improve efficiency and product quality.

Use operations and asset management to...

Centralize operations visibility

Centralize visibility

Know how your operations are functioning with more effective visibility.

Gain deeper customer insights

Gain deeper insights

Meaningul analytics can give you the insights you need to improve your operations.

Automate business work flows

Automate work flows

Automate work flows with intelligent business rules for more efficiency and consistency.​

Evolve with changing standards

Evolve with changing standards

Our solutions are technology agnostic, so as IoT standards change, you won't be trapped in one technology.

What CMX can do for your industry

For industries with high-value assets and defined work flows, centralized management is essential. Maintain the efficiency of smart and connected operations in your industry.

CMX for manufacturing


Track an asset through the manufacturing process. Monitor all steps so that they adhere to the most demanding quality standards.

CMX for healthcare


Know exactly where your key Wi-Fi-enabled medical devices are. Help ensure that your perishable supplies are managed correctly.

CMX for retail


Geofence and monitor the environmental conditions of high-value assets to prevent unnecessary losses.