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Better visibility helps solve issues

The mobile nature of wireless can make it difficult to troubleshoot when problems arise. However, by locating Wi-Fi devices in-venue, you can pinpoint problem areas, highlight rogue devices, and streamline troubleshooting.

Use location for IT troubleshooting

Improve visibility

See where your devices are so you can determine where issues may be.

Locate rogue devices

Identify unauthorized devices so you can eliminate security breaches and inteference.

Speed troubleshooting

With the comprehensive visibility of Cisco DNA Center assurance capabilities, you can pinpoint and resolve problems faster.

Identify problem areas

Determine whether issues in one location are an infrastructure or environmental issue.

Ease your IT troubleshooting burdens

Device location can help you identify and troubleshoot many of the root causes of Wi-Fi performance problems.


RF interference can have a major impact on Wi-Fi performance. CMX can locate RF sources like neighboring access points, game consoles, and microwave ovens. See when and where issues occur so you can identify the most likely causes. 

Poor performance

Your network may perform well in one part of the building but offer spotty coverage in another. CMX can locate devices when they’re experiencing substandard performance so you can pinpoint problem spots. 

Rogue devices

Hackers can use rogue devices to gain access to your network, and even employees' personal IP cameras or routers can cause conflicts and degrade performance. CMX helps you quickly identify and locate unauthorized devices.

Reducing troubleshooting time

"Cisco provides what we thought was the most comprehensive location awareness solution, and we knew we could use it to save time troubleshooting."

James Urwiller, Network Operations Manager, BH Media Group