What is indoor location analytics?

The route to better business decisions

With Indoor Location Analytics, you can capture real-world, real-time data to inform your business decisions.

Using Indoor Location Analytics, you can...

Understand in-venue behavior

Understand indoor behavior

See where and when customers arrive, where they go, and what they do.​

Respond to customer traffic flow

Better serve customers

Understand how people move in your venue so you can make adjustments to better serve them.

Identify customer bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks

See when and where overcrowding impacts your customers’ experience.

Customize layouts and campaigns

Test layouts and campaigns

Change venue layouts or marketing campaigns, then test the results to fine-tune your decisions.

What to consider

Select an analytics solution that aligns with your business needs and objectives.

Easily deployed

Easily deployed

Are you looking to try indoor location analytics with an easy-to-deploy, presence-only solution? CMX Cloud will help you test the waters.



Do you need a more robust solution that doesn’t require a separate application to capture location information? Consider CMX On-Premise.



Do you have highly curated content that will encourage customers to use their Bluetooth and your application? Virtual Beacon may be the choice for you.



Do you have a mobile application and loyalty program? Do you want individual- and persona-level analytics? Take a look at CMX Engage.

Altarea Cogedim: Delivering a better experience

Case study: Altarea Cogedim

"We didn't have such data before. Now when customers visit the mall, we can make personalized offers based on their online shopping preferences."

Blandine Charvériat-Louis, Chief CMO, Altarea Cogedim

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