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Understand your customers better

Use the intelligence in your wireless network. With CMX, view location information, dwell times, and analytics to learn how visitors behave on the site. Our on-premises platform gives you complete control and ownership, and is at the heart of several CMX solutions.

With CMX On-Premise, you can...

Analyze visitor behavior onsite

Learn how people use your venue. Then let those insights guide your business decisions.

Make guest Wi-Fi access easier

Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple templates.

Engage on a more personal level

Give visitors a better experience. Use location applications to deliver information they want.

Track assets with ease

Locate equipment and people quickly and accurately.

The office that works as hard as you do

With a simple click and drag of your mouse, get the full effect of Cisco's Enterprise Networking panoramic 360°experience. 

See what's happening behind the scenes of an office throughout a normal work day.

Choose CMX On-Premise if you need to...

  • Identify and classify assets
  • Connect environmental sensors to add context to your operations
  • Generate business rules that govern the work flows of assets and sensors

  • Trigger automatic alerts when sensors or tags detect an out-of-standard condition
  • Access historical reports that let you analyze key operational events

Looking for cloud deployment? See CMX Cloud

What you get with CMX On-Premise

Presence and location analytics

See what visitors are doing in your ​venue so that you can better serve them.

Network infrastructure

Get more than connectivity from your access points, switches, wireless controllers, and management tools.

CMX partner apps

Cisco partners are helping to extend the business applications for Connected Mobile Experiences.

Open APIs

Develop your own location-enabled applications or integrate ones you already use.

Cisco Services help you evolve your network

Make your Wi-Fi more efficient and reliable so that you can focus on your customers.

For partners

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