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Insights and experiences simplified

Looking for a new way to connect and engage with your customers? Want to compile valuable insights through Wi-Fi and analytics? Need to open up new revenue opportunities and optimize operations? CMX Cloud may be the answer to all your questions. It's cost-effective, easy to deploy, and designed to help you be successful.

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With CMX Cloud you can…

Deploy easily

Quickly engage customers and deliver personalized experiences. Gather presence and analytics using smart devices.

Lower your costs

Subscribing via the cloud can lower equipment and maintenance costs. Shift from up-front CapEx to affordable, ongoing OpEx.

Access cloud subscriptions

All your cloud-based CMX subscriptions can be at your fingertips.

Improve business intelligence

Using your existing Cisco or Meraki wireless networks, get the information you need from customers and business outcomes.

Choose CMX Cloud if you need to...

  • Shift location services to a subscription model
  • Gather high-level analytics about customer behavior

  • Deploy a cost-effective solution without on-premise hardware requirements

Not the right platform? See CMX On-Premise

More CMX solutions available by subscription

CMX Engage

Deliver a highly personalized engagement, defined by individuals and your business rules.

Operational Insights

This command-and-control center helps you manage operations and work flows more effectively, from assets to sensors.

Cisco Services help you evolve your network

Let our experts develop a customized cloud strategy for your CMX solution.