Data Center

The Evolution of Green IT

With the recent broad adoption of the economics of environmentalism into the profit strategy of leading organizations, IT has a strategic opportunity to show "green" business value. Cisco Energy Efficient Data Center (EEDC) solutions and best practices are available now. Cisco itself has implemented these solutions to slow the growth of power consumption by data center operations.

Module 1: Energy Efficient Data Center Best Practices

How Green is evolving as a major focus area for a range of IT and facilities professionals (8:31 min.)

Module 2: Energy Efficient Data Center Solutions Brief

Overview of the current Cisco Energy Efficient Data Center solutions (6:00 min.)

Module 3: Facilities Assessment Data Sheet

In partnership with APC-MGE, Cisco provides a range of services that help bridge the gap between facilities and IT. (5:59 min.)

Module 4: Facilities Considerations for Data Center

Comprehensive overview of what IT professionals should understand about critical physical infrastructure (5:54 min.)

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About the Presenter

Robert Aldrich is the senior manager of Energy Efficient Data Center solutions at Cisco.


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