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Modernize Your Data Center Infrastructure

FlexPod is a pre-validated data center platform built on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Cisco Nexus family of switches, and NetApp® data management solutions. Its configurations and workloads are published as Cisco Validated Designs that allow you to deploy applications and converged infrastructure faster using proven solutions. The FlexPod portfolio includes:

  • FlexPod Datacenter for enterprise applications and virtualization in large enterprises.
  • FlexPod SF with SolidFire storage delivers next generation, web-scale infrastructure for modern applications.
  • FlexPod Express serves small and medium-sized enterprises and branch offices.
  • FlexPod Select for specialized, data-intensive workloads like big data and analytics.

FlexPod solutions include Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers, Cisco Nexus switches, and NetApp unified storage systems. The FlexPod architecture can scale up or out. Plus, it can be optimized for a variety of mixed workloads in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

Large enterprise data centers need agile platforms with high availability and scalable storage. Along with reducing operating costs, chief information officers want to use a converged infrastructure to support hybrid cloud computing.

For today's modern, fast-paced cloud environments, IT teams need an innovative platform that delivers next generation, web-scale converged infrastructure for modern applications.

Small and medium-sized enterprises need a simplified setup, an easy-to-use platform, access to public cloud services, and greater value for their data center budgets.

Many enterprises also need purpose-built, high-capacity platforms for specialized workloads. Large-scale, real-time data analytics place unique demands on computing stacks. Video surveillance, in-memory databases, and public cloud infrastructures have similar capacity needs.

FlexPod's architecture can be configured for the growing needs of all these data center environments and workloads. With a constantly shifting technology landscape, FlexPod customers and partners want straight-forward configuration guidance, easy ordering, and validation for the configurations that are most aligned with their needs. To meet these requirements, the FlexPod portfolio delivers a range of solutions.

Find your FlexPod:

  • FlexPod Datacenter - achieve enterprise-class IT
  • FlexPod SF – beyond digital transformation
  • FlexPod Express - sleek, simplified, superior
  • FlexPod Select – big value for big data management

FlexPod customers also benefit from integrated management in the form of Cisco UCS Director. UCS Director supports cohesive, flexible data centers, built on FlexPod, that increase IT and business agility, while simplifying operational processes and reducing expenses.

Cisco and NetApp support FlexPod through a Cooperative Support Model. Receive best in class support from NetApp, Cisco and our ecosystem partners delivered through collaborative and coordinated support services for your FlexPod integrated infrastructure.

Built on technology trusted by over 8,700 customers worldwide, FlexPod delivers the proven performance, agility, and value required by today's enterprise.

A Solution to Fit Your Needs

Optimize IT with flexible data center infrastructure.

Speed Innovation

Continuous application development and delivery with Docker Enterprise Edition on FlexPod.


For all the most up-to-date Cisco partner information available, please visit the Cisco NetApp Alliance partner portal. Here you will find sales tools, competitive information, promotions and bundles, events, and more.

Partners can visit the Cisco NetApp Alliance Portal for access to FlexPod sales tools, promotions and bundles, events, and more.

As your enterprise strives for digital transformation and operational efficiency, you need technology that can support dramatic shifts across the organization. That means simplifying IT and reducing costs while being responsive to changing market conditions and business needs.

FlexPod Datacenter integrates best in class Cisco UCS compute, Cisco Nexus networking, and NetApp storage components into a validated converged infrastructure platform. It is designed for large enterprises and cloud service providers that require highly scalable shared infrastructure for multiple business-critical applications. FlexPod solutions simplify and accelerate data center deployments with an extensive set of validated solution designs.

Validated designs include: enterprise private clouds, software-defined data centers (SDDCs), unified scale-out storage, virtual desktop infrastructure, databases, secure multi-tenancy, business continuity, and data protection. Validated designs support workloads such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and Sharepoint, as well as Oracle and SAP.

Baseline FlexPod Datacenter configurations can be flexibly scaled up or out; and compute, network, and storage resources can be flexibly sized. This flexibility ensures that the optimal solution is delivered to meet your workload requirements.

FlexPod delivers the proven performance, agility and value today’s enterprises require in order to:

  • Respond faster to the constantly changing demands of the business
  • Meet service-level agreements
  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Manage and protect data
  • Improve IT productivity and agility

Focus on Strategy and Innovation

Complexity has no place in your data center. Embrace technology built for speed and agility. Enable IT consumption whenever and wherever it’s needed. Accelerated application deployment and enhanced management liberates IT resources to focus on strategy and innovation. From the data center to the edge, enterprise applications to databases, and new product development to analytics – every workload works on FlexPod. Make simplicity a competitive advantage. Start with FlexPod.

Digital transformation is changing the world and fueling the adoption of cloud services for customers and businesses alike. With a constantly shifting technology landscape, you need an innovative data center solution that can scale up or down and assume different personas depending on the phase of your projects. Built on technology that is trusted by over 8,700 customers around the world and has over 250 combined years of engineering investment, FlexPod has evolved with the addition of FlexPod SolidFire (SF) to support next-generation applications for scalable, multi-tenant environments.

Reliably run hundreds of applications on a single platform. Seamlessly meet business demands with simplified management and scale for OpenStack and VMware deployments, Xaas hosting environments and DevOps. Optimize your IT with a trusted converged infrastructure built on best-of-breed compute, network, and storage.

An innovative solution you can trust

A next-generation data center needs to work for everyone. It must be built on a next-generation architecture that meets constantly changing application demands.

It should allow both business users and IT generalists to be effective—not only at responding to changing business needs but also at facilitating the innovation of new products, solutions, and services for customers. It should enable anyone to access your business' data where and when you need it, while integrating the management frameworks you have in place today into one consolidated view. Free your DevOps teams to be more creative with the ability to automate, scale, and orchestrate across multiple platforms.

Together, Cisco and NetApp developed the platform that reimagined converged infrastructure with FlexPod, changing the landscape and building the future of IT. Now with FlexPod SF, you can realize the full business potential of a next-generation storage infrastructure fully equipped for a changing IT landscape and culture of customer demands. FlexPod SF is a cutting-edge converged infrastructure solution with high-end predictable performance, programmable agility, and scale-out value required for today's service provider and multi-tenant enterprise environments.

Support today's cloud-scale applications with FlexPod SF.

Cisco Validated Designs

Easily deploy new systems with expert guidance. Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) provide the foundation for systems design based on common customer use cases. They incorporate a broad set of technologies, features, and applications to address customer needs. Each one has been comprehensively tested and documented by Cisco engineers to ensure fast, reliable, and fully predictable deployment.

Watch this video and visit the Design Zone


Solution Briefs

Design Zone for FlexPod

Get a preconfigured validated platform that meets your needs.

Get Market Perspectives

Cisco experts analyze why customers value FlexPod.

FlexPod Cooperative Support Model

Learn how cross-vendor collaboration results in faster issue resolution. (PDF – 352 KB)

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