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Workforce Continuity for Manufacturing Environments in Times of Crisis At-a-Glance

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Updated:April 13, 2020

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Updated:April 13, 2020


Cisco can provide workforce continuity for critical supply chains in times of crisis

Staying connected with logistics and suppliers

     Provide high availability and connectivity with your most important suppliers

     Be on the same page with screen sharing and video recognition

Staying connected with co-workers at work and at home

     Deliver a remote, secure, and interactive session to all employees

     Bring your remote workers a true human connection

     Modernize communication from your laptop and mobile device

Collaborating with operations and maintenance

     Support remote sites, working from home, data entry, and sensor data information

     Increase worker productivity and response with voice and visual tools

     Involve your critical partners in onsite operations, even when they are remote

Fully secured with Cisco® VPN technology – and orchestrated to support multiple stakeholders.

Cisco can provide workforce continuity

Communicate and operate anywhere

Dispersed teams

Allow back-office workers, engineers, operators, and others to maintain continuity and normalcy of operations and keep employee communication levels high.

     Reduce the risk of exposure to harmful environments

     Provide more coverage by taking advantage of time zones and alternate locations more dynamically

     Reduce office costs and short-term arrangements

     Distribute responsibilities and technical risk across multiple failure points

Remote experts

Engineers, operators, field workers, and laborers can maintain communications while continuing to access high levels of proficiency and collaboration.

     Help ensure access to higher levels of experience despite travel restrictions

     Maintain a high level of oversight and expertise

     Continue to provide support to “boots on the ground” personnel deemed essential to operations

Remote operations

Operators are able to work from “anywhere” regardless of changing situations and dynamic conditions.

     Enable operation at near full coverage as opposed to a “skeleton crew”

     More easily continue “business as usual”

     Rely less on physical security measures, which place strains on police and other public resources

Stay connected

Only Cisco can securely connect and enable manufacturing customers to protect the continuity of operations with remote access monitoring and assistance.

We provide an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of products, services, architectures, solutions, end-to-end customer support, financing, a full ecosystem of global partners, and more.

Our approach in times of crisis simply focuses on select use cases that we already support, including:

     Workforce continuity

     Remote experts

     Worker mobility


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