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Cisco Services for SAP HANA Deployment and Migration At-a-Glance

Networking Solution At-a-Glance

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Updated:June 29, 2020

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Updated:June 29, 2020

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Ready to accelerate your deployment and migration to SAP HANA? Get started with Cisco Services.

Businesses are at an inflection point with their SAP deployments. Relying on traditional data centers creates silos for SAP applications, inhibits the speed and flow of data across an organization, and reduces innovation and functionality.

Cisco Services for SAP HANA combine with your investments in Cisco UCS® and HyperFlex technologies to help accelerate your SAP HANA deployments and migrations.

To remain competitive, businesses want to modernize and expand their infrastructure by upgrading from SAP R/3 to S/4 HANA, transition to the cloud, or implement new SAP modules. This transition can help lay the foundation for innovation while maximizing the value of existing SAP environments.

Start your deployment or migration to SAP HANA with Cisco Services. Cisco Services helps SAP teams worldwide design, manage, and maintain some of the most sophisticated, secure, intelligent platforms for SAP infrastructure. Whether you are at the pilot stage or ready to implement your migration, Cisco Services can help you:

      Identify workloads, applications, and storage to migrate

      Verify I/O profile and availability requirements of applications you plan to migrate

      Identify and use the optimal migration strategy

      Prepare operations to manage and scale efficiently

SAP HANA with Cisco Services


      Mitigate project risks, with a custom assembly and installation services

      Reduce SAP application discovery efforts with help from Cisco experts and leading SAP best practices

      Enable your teams to implement, optimize, migrate, and reduce risk by providing an appliancelike solution

      Simplify IT operational decisions with planning workshops and a custom migration work plan per SAP landscape

What it does

Cisco Services ensure your SAP HANA solution is installed and configured to deliver its design features and performance with the following capabilities:

      Accelerated rollout and mitigated risks with detailed planning and architecture design documents

      Best-practices-based architecture design and implementation for large-scale production deployments

      Assurance that performance requirements can be achieved

If limited resources are preventing your organization from migrating to the latest SAP solutions, then consider adding Cisco Services to your implementation strategy. We can help you integrate the platform into your production data center environment, define use cases relevant to your business objectives, tune machine learning, and validate policies and compliance to improve application and operation performance.

When engaged early, the Cisco Services team can help you better align your business and IT goals while offsetting any costs associated with unnecessary, unplanned rework and a lack of operational readiness, resulting in poor or uninformed planning. Our expert support works to eliminate points of failure through careful design and the application of best practices. Service offerings include:

Advise: Cisco Advisory Services help you to determine the right strategy with detailed analysis and assessments and planning and design activities. These services help guide you through the steps necessary to gauge the merits of the solution and prepare for a successful solution deployment.

Implement: Cisco Implementation and Testing Services provide the expert assistance needed to implement SAP solutions and validate performance. We help you create and implement detailed test plans, develop implementation plans, and install, configure, and integrate new SAP solutions in your production network.

Optimize: Cisco Business Critical Services are a comprehensive portfolio of subscription services designed to help you simplify complexity, continually optimize IT, reduce OpEx, and achieve efficiency in your production environment through solution optimization. By providing unrivaled technology expertise and support for actionable analytics, automation, and compliance, we enable a secure, efficient, and agile technology environment.

Call to action

Cisco and our industry-leading data center partners offer a selection of custom-tailored services to help you quickly and safely implement and migrate SAP HANA deployments. Reap the full potential of the SAP HANA platform with Cisco Services. For more information regarding Cisco Service solutions visit our website at https://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_us/customerexperience/index.html.

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