BYOD Smart Solution

How to Get Started

By consolidating professional and technical services, products, and design guides, the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution helps deliver a more comprehensive, predictable, and successful deployment.

The modular design of the solution includes the range of products, services, and guides available. This modularity makes it possible to tailor the solution to your specific needs, regardless of your organization's size, technical infrastructure, or business objectives.

BYOD Smart Solution

Transforming your network to support bring your own device (BYOD) and deliver exceptional user experiences requires the correct expertise and support throughout the development cycle. Services from Cisco and its partners can:

  • Augment your IT staff with specialized expertise
  • Help accelerate the business value of BYOD by providing tools, expertise, and best practices

Cisco has also developed a wide range of design guides that provide tested and proven architectures to help you implement a scalable, highly secure mobile solution. These designs help decrease deployment risks and accelerate the benefits.

BYOD Spectrum

You can transform the way that your network uses and manages devices. Follow these four steps to get started:

  1. Discover what Cisco BYOD can do for you.
    View a demonstration with your Cisco BYOD-ready partner.
  2. Identify your requirements and use cases.
    Schedule an Architecture Strategy Workshop with your Cisco sales team or partner to:
    • Review use cases and the business benefits of supporting BYOD
    • Assess the operational and IT impacts of helping constituents bring their own devices
    • Develop a roadmap to support BYOD
  3. Use Cisco design guides.
    Cisco design guides capture and codify Cisco's extensive experience to help ensure deployments that are faster, reliable, and predictable.
  4. Define the investment and rollout roadmap.
    Work with Cisco Services or a BYOD partner to build the processes and timeline for your phased plan for a unified workspace platform that supports BYOD at scale. The Cisco Services team and Cisco partners can help your initiative be successful and deliver exceptional business benefits on time and on budget.

Device Freedom and Network Security

Cisco BYOD increases device freedom without compromising network security. (PDF - 1.6 MB)
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Design Zone for BYOD

Cisco BYOD reference design builds on borderless network design best practices.
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Cisco VXI with Citrix XenDesktop

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