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Business Critical Services for Data Center At a Glance

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Updated:October 20, 2021

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Updated:October 20, 2021


Create resilient, adaptive, and transformative IT

Today’s infrastructure demands for cloud, mobility, and big data applications are resulting in a major shift in the data center model. This means distributed services, databases running on bare metal, virtualized services in multi-hypervisor environments, and cloud-based applications. All while you need better responsiveness, energy efficiency, and performance than ever before, often with lower budgets and a shortage of qualified staff. With these challenges, data center managers need to evaluate and address factors across multiple technology components, such as applications, compute platform, network infrastructure, and storage systems, to create a comprehensive solution.

Cisco® Business Critical Services give you access to trusted experts powered by our proprietary analytics, insights, and automation to create resilient, highly adaptive, and transformative IT. Our new model empowers your data center architects, engineers, technicians, and managers with the guidance and information they need to re-architect IT in this new world reality. We share knowledge and insight into your data center solutions to reduce risk and improve performance with ongoing consulting, data-driven reviews, operational insights, and high-touch expert guidance. With Cisco expertise on your side, you can optimize your data center technology and environment to enable continuous innovation and business transformation.


      Improve in-house capabilities on topics relevant to your Cisco data center technologies, including compute, switching, SAN, ACI, and orchestration and automation solutions

      Guide your technology implementations with Cisco best practices, data-driven expert recommendations, and proven methodologies for your data center solutions

      Increase scalability across your data center solutions and resources

      Enable business resiliency and solution availability with reduced cost and provisioning time through automation, orchestration, analysis, and technical expertise

      Reduce risk and improve performance by identifying and proactively mitigating configuration issues and other vulnerabilities in your infrastructure

      Resolve issues quickly with monitoring and escalation support

Available tiers

Offered as 12-month or multi-year subscriptions covering the full IT lifecycle, Business Critical Services are available in three prepackaged tiers of service—Essentials, Advantage, and Premier—plus Specialized Expertise offerings including Scrum Services and Expert-as-a-Service to help you create an adaptive workforce.




Essentials provides access to analytics, insights, and automation to help optimize performance and de-risk IT. Through 28 engagements a year or more with Cisco experts leveraging deep analytics that provide predictive, data-driven insights, you can build a resilient and stable environment.

This tier includes:

  Operation Insights Review: Reduce risk and meet compliance requirements by identifying and proactively mitigating issues within your data center infrastructure
  Change Window Support: Implement changes with more confidence with real-time, remote guidance from our experts before and during scheduled change windows
  Priority Case Management: Expedite issue resolution through 8x5 monitoring and escalation support for your Severity 1 and 2 cases
  Ask the Experts: Grow your team’s skills with unlimited access to a catalog of webinar sessions to help you onboard, implement, use, adopt, and optimize Cisco solutions

Advantage accelerates transformation and adoption through access to Cisco analytics, insights, and automation. By engaging with Cisco experts 66 times a year or more, your IT teams can create the right architectural strategy and plan and engineering design, as well as conduct effective implementation and testing to achieve your technology goals.

This tier includes all the services of Essentials, plus the following:

  Expert Review Workshops: Leverage a variety of reviews, including Audit, Design, Resiliency, and Testing, which can all help integrate Cisco best practices for performance, availability, and growth
  Expert Incident Review: Improve stability and performance of your data center solution with reviews of trends, patterns, and remedies for high-priority cases opened with TAC
  Accelerators: Engage in remote coaching sessions to gain expert recommendations to increase in-house knowledge and promote alignment with your targeted business outcomes

Premier offers all the capabilities of Advantage but with expanded capabilities to continuously deliver the data center insights and expert guidance you need. You get flexible engagements—when, where, and how you need them—to address your unique technology requirements and allow you to align resources with the changing priorities of cloud, mobility, and big data solutions.

With Premier, you can proactively prepare for change as you work to make your IT infrastructure more resilient, adaptive, and transformative to support your unique business requirements.

What’s in the tiers

CX BCS lifecycle prepackaged portfolio and engagements

CX BCS lifecycle prepackaged portfolio and engagements

Specialized Expertise

Specialized Expertise gives organizations of every size the resources needed to create an adaptive workforce to fill skillset gaps. Services are backed by Cisco’s proven approach and a top talent pool with access to cutting-edge intellectual capital, tools, and best practices. You gain access to leading expertise, powered by Cisco analytics, insights, and automation, to help you drive innovation, speed technology transitions, and solve complex problems.

      Scrum Services: Proactively address your top data center initiatives throughout the lifecycle with flexible IT engagements that allow you to easily adjust skillsets to match your evolving needs. Our Scrum Services can be sized up front to support focused data center solution engagements or help handle unexpected events as needed, such as rolling out a full-scale hybrid workforce. This structure allows you to set up prioritized skillsets based on your specific needs and enables you quickly pivot to the most strategic or urgent projects.

      Expert-as-a-Service: Close talent gaps with the precise expertise you need to perform at peak levels. You can right-size and align resources with the complexity, scope, and duration of your specific use case. Match the capabilities of our expert to your project and required capabilities by choosing a solution architect for domain knowledge and architectural design and support, a consulting engineer for hands-on confirmation of your Cisco technologies, or a project manager for large strategic projects that require end-to-end delivery management and team coordination.

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Realize the full value of your data center investment

Data center insights powered by analytics and automation

By choosing Cisco Business Critical Services, you can continue to evolve your data center strategy to ensure high performance and security—even through growth and change:

      Expert assistance for new services, applications, and configuration changes

      Data-driven insights to optimize your data center and reduce power usage and cooling costs

      Hardware and software lifecycle management and upgrade planning support

      Webinars and coaching sessions that provide data center and Cisco ACI recommendations

      Specialized Expertise to fill skillset gaps and address changing needs

Next steps

Do you have the right resources in place to power your business transformation? As your data center needs evolve, you’ll need to address ongoing technical, product, and change management requirements. Let Cisco support your solution and users so your team can focus on your strategic priorities.

Achieve the data center outcomes you want. Speak with your local Cisco account representative or authorized Cisco partner today and find out how Cisco Business Critical Services can help you stay ahead of the unexpected, always. Or visit https://cisco.com/go/bcs.

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