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Cisco Business Critical Services for Security At-a-Glance

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Updated:March 3, 2021

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Updated:March 3, 2021


Sustainable security in a constantly evolving environment

Your organization must be both nimble and secure. It must adapt to new technology and comply with regulations. And as network perimeters dissolve, security concerns change, and a range of questions arise. How do you determine the security risk of moving to the cloud? As more devices access your network, how do you maintain an adequate and effective security policy? How can you make changes to your network without compromising reliability or security? And how can you handle these changes with strained IT resources?

Cisco® Business Critical Services give you access to trusted experts powered by our proprietary analytics, insights, and automation to create Secure IT.

Our new model empowers your key IT roles with the guidance and information they need to re-architect for evolving needs. Drive your security initiatives with ongoing consulting, data-driven reviews, operational insights, and high- touch expert guidance on topics such as:

      Holistic approach for a security strategy

      Zero Trust approach to security

      Securing applications infrastructure and organization

      Threat mitigation

      Integration of your Automation and Orchestration workflows with SecureX


      Gain immediate access to skilled incident responders with years of experience

      Improve security by identifying vulnerabilities in your networking infrastructure and devices

      Evolve your network security as you add new applications and technologies while still complying with policies and regulations

      Get maximum return from your security investment

      Get expert help to segment your network to keep confidential data safe

Maintain a highly secure infrastructure

As part of a Business Critical Services security engagement, our team works with you to develop an end-to-end view of your security architecture. Together, we determine the best approaches for things like improving your system design, addressing vulnerabilities, and reducing performance issues. We’ll also help you, support new business requirements, and implement new technologies more securely. Services cover:

1.     Strategy and planning: We recommend risk-management strategy and security policies, including those for the cloud and mobile. You can protect your resources while providing customers, vendors, and employees with highly secure access from anywhere using any device.

2.     Periodic assessments: We conduct assessments of your network devices, security compliance, and security risk to analyze gaps. Then we provide expert recommendations on how to address these security gaps.

3.     Design support: We assist you with security design, providing reviews and design development support for changes or improvements to your existing design.

4.     Optimization support: Our experts deliver ongoing advice as you develop and validate your security plans, such as those related to architecture, software, and adoption.

5.     Knowledge transfer: Enjoy the consulting support of a dedicated advisor. We provide informal sessions to build your IT staff’s security knowledge, teaching them the latest tactics in cyberwarfare. our experts will show them how to reduce risks and remediate attacks.

Our Security experts deliver guidance to improve your overall security program and strategy, helping to optimize your security implementation. We provide strategic support in the following areas:

Security and threat management

Our security and threat management experts provide consulting support and deep expertise for the following project types:

  Threat management
  Risk mitigation
  Cadenced security posture reports with actionable insights

Breach resiliency

We identify the vulnerabilities on your internal and external networks that have a clear impact on your business. And we deliver actionable, expert guidance for remediation.

Strategy, Architecture, and Design Reviews

We validate architecture concepts and make best-practice recommendations for blueprint enhancements. Then we evaluate proposed design, deployment model, capacity and growth fulfilment, and align technical requirements with proposed outcomes.

Security Operations

We provide a broad range of services around Security Operation Center (SOC) that includes SOC assessment, SOC architecture evolution and SOC operation support strategy.

SecureX Automation and Orchestration

We help you leverage SecureX automation to gain unprecedented visibility and control for threat protection and mitigation. With our expertise, you can automate workflows to enhance visibility and centralize the management of your Cisco security products.

What’s in the tiers

CX BCS lifecycle prepackaged portfolio and engagements

CX BCS lifecycle prepackaged portfolio and engagements

Specialized Expertise

Specialized Expertise gives organizations of every size the resources needed to create an adaptive workforce to fill skillset gaps. Services are backed by Cisco’s proven approach and a top talent pool with access to cutting-edge intellectual capital, tools, and best practices. You gain access to leading expertise, powered by Cisco analytics, insights, and automation, to help you drive innovation, speed technology transitions, and solve complex problems.

      Scrum Services: Proactively address your top data center initiatives throughout the lifecycle with flexible IT engagements that allow you to easily adjust skillsets to match your evolving needs. Our Scrum Services can be sized up front to support focused data center solution engagements or help handle unexpected events as needed, such as rolling out a full-scale remote workforce. This structure allows you to set up prioritized skillsets based on your specific needs and enables you quickly pivot to the most strategic or urgent projects.

      Expert-as-a-Service: Close talent gaps with the precise expertise you need to perform at peak levels. You can right-size and align resources with the complexity, scope, and duration of your specific use case. Match the capabilities of our expert to your project and required capabilities by choosing a solution architect for domain knowledge and architectural design and support, a consulting engineer for hands-on confirmation of your Cisco technologies, or a project manager for large strategic projects that require end-to-end delivery management and team coordination.

Specialized Expertise

Why Cisco

When you find the right balance between availability and performance, you can have more strategic business conversations with IT at the helm. With direct access to the people, processes, and tools needed to compete in a rapidly changing world, you can focus on finding ways to fuel innovations in business and technology.

By collaborating with Cisco, you can proactively mitigate risk and focus on the needs of your business. We can help you balance the time and resources to improve performance and availability, so you can keep pace with your growing business while reducing IT costs.

No matter where you are in your transformation journey, Business Critical Services offer three prepackaged tiers of service that align your business goals and operations with your vision for security.

Next Steps

Where are you in this journey? Connect with your Cisco Services representative or Cisco partner to start the conversation, and learn more.

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