Enterprise Networks Case Study: Omaha World Herald

Next Steps

Improving Security and Operations

Berkshire Hathaway Media Group's flagship newspaper enhances security while simplifying operations and reducing troubleshooting time.


Omaha World Herald needed a way to:

  • Improve network visibility
  • Pinpoint rogue access points and poor security coverage
  • Reduce network complexity
  • Simplify operations



  • Enhanced private network security by providing easy location and migration of rogue access points
  • Reduced network complexity by converging wired and wireless into a single platform, with a single point of control
  • Simplified operations with virtual controllers for remote configuration and control of access points
  • Reduced troubleshooting time with location awareness, which made finding and fixing problems easier
Cisco provides what we thought was the most comprehensive location awareness solution, and we knew we could use it to save time troubleshooting.
- James Urwiller
Network operations manager, BH Media Group