Cisco Mobility Services Engine

Solve Business Problems with Network Intelligence

Many organizations want to use Wi-Fi not only as a connectivity vehicle but also as a solution to deliver innovative mobile services and improve business processes. The Cisco Mobility Services Engine is a platform that uses Wi-Fi to increase visibility into the network, deploy location-based mobile services, and strengthen security.


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Features and Capabilities

The Mobility Services Engine supports mobility services software in a modular fashion, with various solutions delivered through applications. Following are platform and service options:

Platform Options

  • Physical appliance
  • Virtual appliance



The Mobility Services Engine can locate any Wi-Fi device in a venue, including smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi tags, and Wi-Fi interferers. The location data can be exported to other applications, including mobile applications using representational state transfer (REST) APIs. The engine can also locate Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) beacons and alert the user if beacons have been removed or misplaced.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

CMX is a suite of applications that are hosted on the Mobility Services Engine and use its ability to locate Wi-Fi devices. The applications include:

  • CMX Analytics to gain insight into end-user behavior while inside a venue
  • CMX Connect to provide a venue-specific, location-based mobile guest access experience

CMX Cloud

Delivering mobile experiences and gaining insights has never been this easy. Now, with the help of CMX Cloud you can connect your Cisco on-premises wireless network to the cloud and engage with your customers like never before. Discover valuable insights with Wi-Fi and location analytics while opening up new revenue opportunities by optimizing your operations with lower equipment and maintenance costs that a cloud based subscription can provide. Get your free trial today.

Cisco Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

The Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS) protects the network from penetration attacks, rogue wireless devices, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks to improve security and meet compliance objectives. Read the Mobility Services Engine data sheet for more detailed product information.

Virtual appliance numbers are dependent on server specifications. The numbers shown reflect the maximum scale.

See the data sheets for additional specification details and requirements for the above services.


Wireless Intrusion Prevention

Boost your network security with Cisco Wireless Intrusion Prevention System. (PDF - 168 KB)

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