Enterprise Networks Case Study: Desert Sands Unified School District

Desert Sands taps Cisco virtualization and BYOD solutions to boost student achievement scores and reduce costs.


The Desert Sands school district in Coachella Valley, Southern California, faced severe budget cuts. Yet it still hoped to serve student needs in and beyond the classroom. Specially, it wanted to:

  • Support "one child, one device" and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives
  • Raise student test scores in the state core curriculum


The school district relied on Cisco switching and mobility solutions as well as Cisco Unified Data Center offerings to meet its goals.


Cisco networks provide robust access to student-centered learning:

  • Desktop virtualization and a virtual data center deliver services to both teachers and students.
  • Wireless BYOD access expands the availability of learning resources.

We had to completely flip our focus from a school-owned wired device-centric model to a wireless BYOD model in less than a year.
- Chuck King
Manager of Computer Network Services
Desert Sands Unified School District