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Broadband Wireless Access

Cisco Mobile WiMAX is the latest in wireless technology, fully centered on the power of IP and wireless standards. Its speed, coverage, and IP integration combine to make Cisco Mobile WiMAX an attractive choice for new mobile services or for the addition of new converged services to fixed network architectures.

Cisco Broadband Wireless Access products for Mobile WiMAX feature advanced antenna systems and support adaptive beamforming and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO). They allow for multi-megabit service delivery, increased coverage, and greater indoor penetration for the following benefits:

  • Subscribers experience high-quality wireless services
  • Service providers get fewer service calls, faster time-to-market with new services, and improved cost efficiencies

This open-standards solution is compliant with the Mobile WiMAX specification and the Profile C Network Reference Model. It includes a full suite of base stations, antenna systems, access service network gateways, management systems, and customer premises equipment.

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