Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM

Protect Your Pay-TV Service on Any Device

Extend your pay-TV service and content to any device, in the home or on the go, with Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM. Building on our expertise in protecting advanced pay-TV services, Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM supports flexible business models. You can increase your revenue and help enable cross-device synchronized experiences for premium content.

DRM Done Right with VideoGuard

VideoGuard provides a Digital Rights Management solution that combines DRM schemes into one technology reducing complexity and costs. (2:03 min)

Features and Capabilities

Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM is the only system of its kind that is built for pay TV. Other static Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems provide only basic protection. VideoGuard Everywhere DRM, however, proactively modifies critical components before hackers can compromise your service. VideoGuard Everywhere DRM is also designed for the long term, with a feature roadmap that you can depend on today and tomorrow.

Get Protection and Peace of Mind

Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM is more than just a product; it also offers peace of mind. Our Global Operational Security team monitors and gathers critical intelligence to help local law enforcement agencies shut down any illegal content redistributors.

In deploying Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM, your platform also benefits from:

  • Unique, moving-target security in each device
  • Service and content protection to help secure your pay-TV brand
  • Industry-leading security rating and the approval of major Hollywood studios
  • Customized security and business features to meet your requirements

Open New Revenue Streams and Enhance Loyalty

By extending your pay-TV service to multiple devices, you offer benefits that help strengthen subscriber loyalty. You can also introduce other revenue-generating business models, including:

  • Event-based digital rights for live and special events
  • Subscription, rental, or download to own
  • Stream and side-load content between devices in the home and on the go
  • Buy once and view on any device
  • "Sync and Go" content downloads for offline viewing
  • Cloud DVR services

Support All Subscriber Devices

Using the open Internet and an active integration roadmap, Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM extends your TV services to the most popular consumer electronic devices, including:

  • PCs and Macs
  • iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices
  • Android mobile and tablet devices
  • Gaming consoles
  • IP set-top boxes and connected TVs

Offer High-Quality Experiences on Any Device

When delivering live and on-demand content over an unmanaged network, you must offer the best possible playback experience on all devices. By using adaptive bit rate (ABR), Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM matches video quality to the user's available bandwidth. Your subscribers can therefore enjoy a consistent and high-quality video stream, wherever they are.

Support Multi-DRM Systems

The growing consumer electronics market may have several active DRMs in a typical pay-TV infrastructure. Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere DRM supports third-party DRM protocols with integrated user and device authentication services. You get full control over content distribution and consumption by managing:

  • Business rules
  • Workflow
  • Policies to comply with rights and content agreements

VideoGuard Everywhere DRM includes options to fit your feature, budget and service requirements. You can deploy VideoGuard Everywhere DRM in any the following ways:

  • VideoGuard Everywhere DRM Express edition is a prepackaged option ideal for starting services on unmanaged devices.
  • VideoGuard Everywhere DRM Pro edition includes a wide range of business policy management features.
  • VideoGuard Multi-DRM edition provides a framework to integrate multiple DRM platforms and includes third-party DRM implementations.

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