Cloud Orchestration for Media and Entertainment

Gain agility and cost efficiency with Cloud Orchestration

The media industry is moving to IP, and the next evolution is on its way – from bespoke boxes to software based media production. Running on standard servers, in a virtualized environment in the cloud, this migration increases flexibility and delivers significant cost savings. The key is Cloud Orchestration - simplifying equipment redundancy and network complexity to more efficiently manage media applications.

Open opportunities

Manageability means agility

  • Availability of media applications
  • Quickly test new ideas
  • Bring content faster to the market

Virtualized infrastructure

  • Applications are replacing the costly appliances
  • Standard servers are efficiently utilized to serve all purposes
  • Hybrid cloud flexibilities

See how Canal+ transitioned into IP and Cloud Orchestration

Cloud based operations allow Canal+ to fully utilize their infrastructure and optimize the way the business runs. But much more than that, it allows them to create new customer experiences, in ways that were not economically viable before.

What makes Cisco Cloud Orchestration for media unique?

Cisco is the first in the market to bring virtualization and hybrid Cloud Orchestration to the media space.

Our holistic approach to Cloud Orchestration is designed to simplify operations and improve results:

  • Automation simplifies:
    • Provisioning of applications
    • Day two operation
    • Changing the underlining infrastructure
  • Requiring only minimal requirements from the operational team
  • Optimized for high availability, performance, operability

High performing applications

Maximize your application’s business value with monitoring, automation and intelligence.

Hybrid-cloud simplified

Securely provision infrastructure resources and deploy applications across cloud environment.

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