Collaboration for Media and Entertainment

Collaborate to increase speed to market

The media and entertainment industry is developing content at a much quicker pace than usual. The challenge is to review content on site, even if you're shooting in remote locations. The key is to bring content in HD, through the power of the cloud, in real time and in true form. Directors and producers can now collaborate with remote teams all over the world, to review, mark-up and edit content right there on set.

Open opportunities

  • Review content in real time - take multiple shots, redo scenes and get higher quality
  • Reduce complexities with collaboration applications connected to the internet
  • Quickly bring content to the mainstream, generating more production at a faster pace
  • Enrich your live productions with collaboration tools that bring your viewers into the studio

Enabling warm, fun, and inclusive experiences

"Something undeniably powerful happens when you bring people from all over the place into the studio. Cisco gave The Ellen Show that power to connect the fans all over the world so they could be part of the group and feel the warmth and the fun that everybody has when they come to the show."

Derek Westervelt, Technical Executive Producer,
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Epic film producer collaborates with Webex

Jerry Bruckheimer has produced some of the most epic and exciting films, ever -- blockbusters created with big ideas, amazing locations, and global teamwork. Bruckheimer knows that the best ideas need to be brought to life and shared. He also knows that the team that collaborates the best wins. Learn how Webex enables his teams to work more intuitively.

Next generation technology from Cisco – Learn how the Walt Disney Studios StudioLab advances the art of storytelling

What makes Cisco collaboration for media unique?

Cisco is the only producer of both the collaboration hardware and software, creating a video first approach tuned to support 4K and beyond.

  • Real-time content review supported with video, through messaging, meetings and white boarding
  • Bring 4K content to review through our video portfolio