IP Fabric for Media and Entertainment

Dynamic networks that flex to your needs

Using IP throughout your operation relieves you from the very rigid frame format dependency, creating a dynamic network that allows you to allocate resources upon need and future-proof your business!

Open opportunities

  • Simplify 4K live broadcast
  • Save resources by converging all signals into one network
  • Operate faster with an infrastructure that's agile
  • Preserve the operational experience

Cisco IP Fabric for media in action

Top media companies are using Cisco IP gear as their networking solution.

What makes Cisco IP Fabric for media unique?

Automation, reliability, analytics and security combined with proven partners to deliver a better network.

Automation - Integrated hardware and software with the support you need to simplify operations and ensure that you have the help you need, when you need it.

  • Includes provisioning, day one operations, data incremental configurations, back-up, restore and more

  • Powered by strong Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that are ready to use

  • Proven performance, compared to other solutions that figure it out as you go

  • True multi-vendor orchestration that aligns to your needs

Reliability - Cisco enhanced the industry standards with a unique, non-blocking multicast fabric that assures the high standards of delivery required for high-end media.

Security - Multi-level security to protect you and your content when your collaborating across the world including measures to confirm authorized users for packet access and deep visibility into security threats - even for encrypted data.