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Scalable Storage Replication for Mission-Critical Applications

The Cisco MDS 9000 SANTap Service is one of the intelligent fabric services offered by the Cisco MDS 9000 family; Cisco SANTap operates as a tap in the SAN, providing a reliable copy of the storage write operations to a partner appliance. This enables partner applications to guarantee data continuity, data protection, online data migration, storage performance, and SLA monitoring, without the drawbacks of deploying in-band data-path or out-of-band host-based devices.

Cisco SANTap enables you to deploy EMC RecoverPoint, a single product solution for local data protection, remote replication, and disaster recovery. EMC RecoverPoint with Cisco SANTap can replicate heterogeneous storage without compromising the integrity, availability and performance of the I/Os between the host and primary target.

Key Benefits

  • Transparent deployment of the data protection appliance
  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • No disruption of the primary I/O from the server to the storage array
  • Deployment flexibility and investment protection
  • On-demand storage services
  • Unlimited scalability and no performance bottlenecks

Cisco MDS 9000 SANTap is part of the Storage Services Interface Image Release, and requires the Cisco MDS 9000 Storage Services Enabler (SSE) Package. The SSE package provides the underlying infrastructure and programmatic interface to enable intelligent fabric applications such as Cisco MDS 9000 SANTap.

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