Cisco MDS 9300 Series Multilayer Fabric Switches

High density fabric switch with integrated telemetry

Get enterprise-class features along with state of the art analytics and telemetry capabilities. The Cisco MDS 9300 Series 32G Multilayer Fabric Switch is the next generation of the highly reliable, flexible, and high performance Cisco MDS 9000 Family of fabric switches with integrated Telemetry for AFA and FC-NVMe. This powerful, compact, 2 RU switch scales from 48 to 96 line-rate Fibre Channel ports.

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Features of the MDS 9300 Series

Rapid provisioning

Eliminate cycles spent on bringing up new devices through auto-zoning. Detect new host and storage devices that log into a SAN and automatically zone them without having to do manual zone configuration.

Visibility and application awareness

Get proactive troubleshooting and reduced opex through integrated telemetry. Proactively monitor workloads to identify issues that could affect performance.

Affordable enterprise-class features

Get cost-optimized enterprise-class features in a fixed form factor. This series possesses all the functionalities that come with the high-end MDS modular directors.

Application performance

Provides consistent line-rate low-latency performance across all traffic conditions for every Fibre Channel port on the switch.


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MDS wins best SAN switch award

MDS is a proven market leader based on performance, reliability, services, support, ad innovation.