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Cisco MDS 9700 Series Multilayer Directors

Scale, performance, and integrated analytics

MDS 9700 supports 16/32G, and is now 64G ready. The industry's highest port density SAN director addresses storage requirements for large virtualized data centers. You gain excellent availability, security, and scalability; simplified management; and the ability to flexibly integrate new technologies.

Why choose Cisco MDS 9700 for your data center?

Investment protection

Cisco MDS 9700 is now 64G ready, and no forklift upgrades.


Reduce troubleshooting cycles with practical operational telemetry. 


Cisco MDS 9700 provides Ansible support for automated SAN provisioning and management.

Storage infrastructure innovations

How do you scale your bandwidth easily and simplify your operations? Do you have real-time visibility into your SAN? This 60-minute webcast moderated by analyst George Crump, StorageSwiss.com, addresses these questions.

Explore the MDS 9700 Series

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Features and capabilities

Scale and performance

Supports up to 64G with high scale and performance with no major upgrade for NMVe/FC and all-flash storage arrays.

Integrated analytics

Real-time analytics for Fibre Channel (FC) and NVMe/FC for fast troubleshooting and problem resolution.


Support for DevOps tools, such as Ansible, for end-to-end provisioning and IT automation.


Industry-leading reliability with fully redundant software and hardware modules.

End-to-end visibility across SAN fabrics

Gain comprehensive visibility one very flow at line rate, without performance degradation.