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Security Solutions from World Wide Technology and Cisco

Stay a step ahead

Every day security threats grow more complex, and so do the technologies to combat them. World Wide Technology’s security professionals can help you stay a step ahead. Our innovative approach to threat management considers readiness, awareness, defense, analytics, and response, with a proprietary cybersecurity reference architecture.

About WWT’s security practice

Our industry-certified security professionals include former CIOs, security analysts, IT directors, and leading incident-response trainers.

  • Combined years of security experience

  • Certifications

  • Years of federal agency experience

Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

"Transforming unconnected manufacturing plants into smart factories requires a holistic view of security. WWT built an architecture that helped fully secure each of the client’s 550 plants, from the industrial machines and the operators to sensitive applications and information."

World Wide Technology can help you…

Securely move to the cloud

See what businesses need to be aware of when moving to a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Segment your network

Network segmentation is a vital component for protection in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

With enterprise agreements

WWT helps you fully consume your software investments and innovate your business.

Security vendor consolidation

A WWT expert discusses the need for an integrated, architectural approach to security. (3:33 min)

Security workshops from WWT

Strengthen security posture

Validate and improve your company’s security posture with WWT experts.

Automate workflows

Increase productivity through automation. Get an overview of architectural components and use cases for your environment.

Meet NIST requirements

Gain a comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements and potential gaps between your current operations and the NIST standards.

Be armed for exposure

Threats are growing more sophisticated. The question is not if your organization will be attacked, but when. Learn how to manage security incidents.