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Build a Cloud-Ready Network

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Build a Cloud-Ready Network

Enable a Cloud Intelligent Network

Learn from analysts, partners, and Cisco experts how to prepare your network for the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend, cloud services, desktop virtualization, video, and more. Sign up now for the Cisco Enterprise WAN Webcast Series.

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The New World of IT - Information Technology Transforms to Enterprise Technology

'IT' as we know it is gone, shifting into 'Enterprise Technology.' Find out how to prepare your IT organization for this paradigm shift, in which IT becomes a more strategic, business-critical function. (8.40 min)
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IT Strategies for Evolving Business Requirements: A Cisco IT Case Study

Today's technology trends require new IT strategies to keep pace with workforce expectations and evolving business requirements. (60.00 min)
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Conquer the Cloud - Connecting Clouds with a Next-Generation WAN

Learn how Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network solutions can optimize your backbone network to realize the full potential of the private and hybrid cloud architectures (60.00 min)
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Designing a Next-Generation, Cloud-Ready WAN

Learn how Cisco WAN architects guide enterprise customers to evolve their networks for cloud computing. (60.00 min)
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The Cloud and Your Network: Is There a Gap?

Learn from experts the best ways to prepare your WAN for cloud computing. (60.00 min)
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Optimizing Application Performance from Branch to Cloud

Learn how to ensure that worker productivity does not suffer from less-than-adequate application performance. (60.00 min)
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Enforcing Pervasive Cloud Security

Learn how backhauling traffic affects performance and how you can scale security services to protect hundreds of sites. (60.00 min)
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Extending Virtualization to the Branch

Learn ways to prevent compromising between the cost efficiencies of virtualization and branch survivability. (60.00 min)
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Get Your Network Ready for the Cloud

Discover breakthrough solutions in routing and WAN optimization that can help your organization connect users more easily to a cloud. (60.00 min)

Cloud-Ready Network: Technical Deep Dive

Hear directly from technical experts about new physical and virtual platforms and cloud connector technologies that help enable a cloud-ready network. (60.00 min)

Countdown to Cloud

Learn how to increase WAN performance, start building a Cloud Intelligent Network, and prepare your IT organization for migration to cloud services. (60.00 min)
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All Systems Optimized Part I: Preparing Your Network for Virtualization and BYOD

Discover a more systematic approach to optimizing your entire network for delivering cloud and mobile applications, managing a multitude of devices, and deploying virtual desktop infrastructures. (60.00 min)
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All Systems Optimized Part II: Trends Driving Change in Network and Application Optimization

Dr. Jim Metzler presents the results from his recent survey of over 200 IT organizations and reveals what really happens when business critical applications fail. (60.00 min)
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All Systems Optimized III: Preparing Your Network for Tomorrow

Find out how organizations see themselves five years from now, and what they need to do with current networks to get ready. Dr. Jim Metzler goes through the final results from his survey of over 200 IT (60.00 min)
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