Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC)

Set up an application-aware network

Now you can detect every application in your network and optimize bandwidth with application-aware policies. Cisco AVC monitors application performance and troubleshoots issues that arise. It helps you deliver business-intent policies across the entire network. And it does all this without additional appliances in a simple and powerful way.

Features and benefits

Application visibility

AVC uses stateful deep packet inspection (DPI) to classify more than 1400 applications. It can also combine DPI with techniques such as statistical classification, socket caching, service discovery, auto learning, and DNS-AS. Custom applications can detect native apps.

Networkwide application awareness

Create a true application-aware network. Improve the performance of business-critical applications. Employ capacity management for optimal bandwidth use. AVC is available across routers, campus switches, access points, and wireless controllers. See the user guide for more details.

Application control

Reprioritize applications using our industry-leading QoS capabilities. Group applications using attributes based on traffic class and business relevance. Choose application paths based on real-time performance.

Application analytics

AVC supports NetFlow to export application usage and performance statistics. This data can be used for analytics, billing, and security policies. Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco Stealthwatch both support AVC, as do many third-party management tools.

Application performance

AVC’s embedded monitoring agent measures transaction times and latency for TCP applications. And it measures packet loss and jitter for voice and video applications. The data can be used for path selection, monitoring, and troubleshooting application performance.

Flying blind with your network?

You can’t stop threats you can’t see. Learn how your network can detect threats automatically.

Featured technologies

AVC with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

AVC supports rich visibility into end-user connectivity and application performance.

AVC with Cisco Stealthwatch

Through Flexible NetFlow, AVC sends data to Stealthwatch for security intelligence.


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