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Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise

Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise provides automation for deployment of Quality of Service (QoS) policies in a general business environment, particularly for mid-size companies and branch offices of larger companies. It can be used to generate and deploy suggested Modular QoS CLI (MQC) policies and also to deploy those policies.

Users can observe the applications that have been discovered during the observation phase (AutoDiscovery) and review the QoS policy that Cisco AutoQoS suggests without deploying that policy. A "trust" option extends the power of Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise to those routers on which Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values have already been assigned to traffic at the network edge. This option enables customers to automatically set the QoS policy on routers by allowing the network to trust internally established priority levels for various types of traffic.

Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise is the second release of Cisco AutoQoS, succeeding Cisco AutoQoS for Voice over IP, which is also available and supported.

Deploying QoS In the Enterprise

As Enterprises deploy delay- and jitter-sensitive applications at an increasing rate, it becomes progressively critical to address these sensitivities. Cisco IOS QoS classification, scheduling, provisioning, and management tools can satisfy all requirements for VoIP, video, and mission-critical data applications. Cisco provides the tools and the expertise to configure QoS in multiservice networks.

Technical Support and Documentation

Review additional information about Quality of Service Solutions for Enterprise in the Technical Support site area.
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