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The end-to-end availability and serviceability of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks has become increasingly critical as Service Providers more frequently consolidate multiple services and networks over a single MPLS infrastructure. MPLS High Availability enhances the Cisco IOS High Availability solution portfolio, enabling network-wide resilience for different MPLS transport and service applications.

Service Providers can leverage MPLS High Availability functionality to implement robust MPLS networks, which facilitates Nonstop Forwarding. This minimizes recovery time, so that network faults are transparent to users and network applications.

The integration of Stateful Switchover and Graceful Restart with key protocols, including Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), enables a Route Processor to recover from a disruption in service without losing its LDP bindings, MPLS forwarding state, or VPN prefix information.

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