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The mobile workforce needs the ability to communicate with customers, partners, and fellow workers anywhere, anytime and have access to relevant business applications, tools to carryout business effectively. Enterprise mobility is about providing ubiquitous connectivity to the mobile user, independent of the devices and access technologies. Mobile IP, an IETF standard (RFC 2002), allows a host device to be identified by a single IP address even though the device may move its physical point of attachment from one network to another.


Regardless of movement between different networks, connectivity at the different points is achieved seamlessly without user intervention. Roaming from a wired network to a wireless or wide-area network is also done with ease. Mobile IP provides ubiquitous connectivity for users, whether they are within their enterprise networks or away from home. Mobile IP is part of both IPv4 and IPv6 standards.


Cisco IOS Software has supported Mobile IP since Releases 12.0(1)T. Key Mobile IP components include Home Agent, Foreign Agent, Mobile Node, and Mobile Networks.

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