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Updated:June 11, 2021

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Updated:June 11, 2021

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Provides defense for on-premise email deployments as well as cloud email platforms like Microsoft 365 and GSuite

Email is the most critical form of communication organizations use to engage with their customers and prospects. And, it remains the number one threat vector used by cybercriminals to target an organization’s customer base through phishing attacks.

Companies are increasingly relying on third-party, cloud-based email senders for their brand communications. This practice leaves customers and partners vulnerable to attack by those who use a domain without authorization. And, the damage affects a brand’s reputation, destroys customer trust and negatively impacts an organization’s bottom line.

Domain Protection automatically identifies, monitors and manages emails sent on your behalf. This provides an easy way to identify and eliminate illegitimate email messages and block malicious ones to prevent phishing attacks impersonating your company’s domain. Domain Protection even detects the use of look-alike domains so the malicious URLs can be quickly taken down.

The most effective way to mitigate these vulnerabilities is to use the DMARC standard to authorize and authenticate your email senders, protect your customers from cyber attacks and safeguard your brand’s identity. DMARC is a technology that makes it easier for email senders and receivers to determine if a message is from a legitimate sender. Identifying all legitimate senders can be challenging because of the complexity of an organization’s email ecosystem. The process can also be time consuming and difficult to implement without the right tools, processes, and knowledge.

Domain Protection automates the DMARC email authentication process and gives you visibility into your own and third-party email senders using your domain. It automatically correlates information into an easy-to-read report that lists who is sending email on your behalf and whether they are DMARC compliant. For those senders who are not DMARC compliant, Domain For those senders who are not DMARC compliant, Domain Protection provides the tools to help you achieve compliance and provides guidance on how to block unauthorized senders.

Domain Protection provides an additional layer to augment Cisco Secure Email’s industry-leading features and more effectively secure your email environment. It can be purchased with any bundle to further safeguard your company’s domain and increase your digital marketing effectiveness.


     Prevent brand abuse through impersonation of your company domain

     Protect customers through visibility into your internal and third-party senders who use your domain to send email on your behalf

     Automate the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) authentication and enforcement process to identify illegitimate senders

     Block unauthorized senders and set up DMARC protection to reduce illegitimate emails from your domain and protect the value of your brand

     Correlate information into an easy-to-read report for fast visibility

     Increase outbound email marketing effectiveness and campaign revenue

Domain Protection

Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification (BIMI)

BIMI provides an easy way to gain brand impressions as consumers see your logo next to your emails.

This new standard allows your organization to put your logo next to every email you send. By implementing this standard through Domain Protection, your organization can increase customer confidence in the authenticity of your messages, thereby increasing response rates and magnifying the reach and power of your marketing efforts.

Included Onboarding Services

Kickoff and requirement gathering session Collect domain inventory

Identify and validate 3rd party senders

Work with 3rd party senders for authentication:

     Identify internal business owners and contacts

     Confirm that message streams are legitimate business email that should be authenticated

     Discuss with 3rd Party Sender to agree to DMARC SPF and/or DMARC DKIM records

     Update DNS records

Deliver DMARC implementation plan document

Additional training or assistance as requested by Cisco Customer, time permitting

Email Security Practitioner Services

Email Security Practitioner Services provides a strategic resource designed to accelerate solution adoption and return on investment (ROI) for Domain Protection customers.

For those without in-house expertise or resources, our experts understand your business, help you leverage Domain Protection solutions to meet your business objectives, and offer the highest level of technical resource available.

Email Security Practitioner is a subscription-based 1-year service offering. Your Email Security Practitioner will work as your single point of contact with the project sponsor, project and business stakeholders, and key operational personnel within your organization to accelerate early phases of adoption and guide integration into daily operations.

The Service includes:

     Days per Year: up to 24 days (192 person-hours) of Supplier Personnel time

     Onsite: up to 25% on-site services

     Travel: included in price

     Duration: 12 months to use the services from date of purchase

Additional Protections

     Automated DMARC deployment reduces administration and management commitment

     Email cloud intelligence identifies and visualizes sender domains and IP addresses

     EasySPF quickly and automatically builds error-free SPF

     EasyDKIM automates selector identification and overall management of DKIM




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