Introduction - E-Procurement Ariba Punchout

The Cisco E-Procurement solution facilitates transactions between your organization, your E-Procurement system, and Cisco Systems. Designed to enhance productivity and streamline the E-Procurement process, the Cisco solution offers the opportunity for seamless integration.

The Cisco E-Procurement Solution uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to create a Web-based purchasing design that integrates the premier Cisco Ordering Tool with leading business-to-business (B2B) portals, such as Ariba. Cisco has years of implementation experience with its online Ordering Tool, a product that excels at configuring complex products and orders. Integrating this tool with an E-Procurement system simplifies purchasing and greatly reduces your purchase order transaction costs.

A Partnership with Your Organization

The Cisco E-Procurement Solution offers Cisco Ordering Tool customers a doorway through an E-Procurement application and back to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With Cisco as a qualified supplier, your organization can use an Internet browser to gain a competitive advantage by integrating complex, procurement processes. The Cisco Ariba Punchout solution offers value by automating manual processes such as valid carrier selections, service orderability, reusable configurations and order templates. Benefits include:

  • Provides the benefits of E-Procurement for cost control and expense tracking
  • Offers a portfolio of order type options designed to give you a competitive advantage
  • Enhances productivity due to faster order processing and online automation
  • Aligns your organization with leading industry e-business standards
  • Increases visibility to corporate spending
  • Eliminates dual order entry requirements
Cisco Solution Features

The Cisco E-Procurement solution provides an integration layer that enables customers to initiate a transaction within their Ariba environment, seamlessly order from the Cisco Ordering Tool, transfer the information into Ariba, and then back into an ERP system. Additional features include:

  • Online access to current configuration and pricing information, which ensures order accuracy
  • All order information is collected online; orders are error free from the start
  • Electronic orders can be processed immediately if no manual intervention is needed
  • Shipment acknowledgement is immediate and automatically forwarded to you
  • Your procurement process will be streamlined through automated ordering confirmation, error messaging, and status updates

How the Cisco E-Procurement Solution Works with Ariba
Cisco understands the benefits the Ariba solution offers customers. Cisco is the first networking company to offer highly configurable products within the Ariba Buyer application. All transactions between the Ariba Buyer and Cisco are routed through the Ariba Commerce Services Network (ACSN). The ACSN authenticates the validity of the messages with the Ariba Buyer. The ACSN then authenticates with Cisco using digital certificates. Cisco obtains digital certificates from Verisign and installs them in the Cisco site. Traffic between Cisco and the ACSN uses strong industry standard encryption to protect data. (See figures 1 and 2.)

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Figure 1: Process Flow for the Cisco E-Procurement Solution Using Ariba

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Figure 2: Ariba PunchOut Process between the Ordering Tool and the ACSN .