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Loans That Change Lives and Help Communities Thrive

See how Kiva and Cisco are reshaping access to financial services around the world, connecting people to opportunity through lending to alleviate poverty.

Connecting borrowers and lenders

In the 15 years since its launch, Kiva has catalyzed an ecosystem of support, lending more than $1.45 billion USD to 3.6 million individuals and micro-entrepreneurs—84% of whom are female—around the world.







Financial inclusion, empowerment, and equitable opportunities

More than 1.7 billion people worldwide are unbanked and cannot access the financial products and services they need. Kiva’s mission is to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive—creating opportunity and reducing poverty.

Kiva reshapes access to financial services around the world by providing an online, crowdsourced, peer-to-peer lending network for underserved individuals globally—empowering people to change the trajectory of their lives and their communities.

Kiva’s microloans allow farmers to invest in equipment, families to pay for emergency care, students to pursue higher education, and entrepreneurs to start the businesses of their dreams and create jobs. In breaking down the barrier to accessing financial services, Kiva creates a ripple effect that stretches around the world. 

We know technology can change lives and create a brighter future. Since 2005, Kiva has made this a reality for millions of underserved entrepreneurs around the world. With partners like Cisco, we aim to massively scale this impact.

Chris Tsakalakis, CEO of Kiva

Kiva and Cisco at NRF Retail Converge

Kiva and Cisco share inspiring, retail social impact stories and discuss how Kiva is mobilizing a world vision where all people have the power to improve their lives.

Technology enables lending to the underserved

Since 2009, Cisco has supported multiple Kiva initiatives. Cisco helped Kiva develop new types of financial products across multiple industries, from water and sanitation to higher education and agriculture. Kiva even uses Cisco switches, routers, IP phones, and access points as the foundation to its IT infrastructure.

By designing and testing financial services in unproven sectors, Cisco and Kiva delivered high-impact products to underserved communities, ensuring these solutions are both financially viable and highly impactful.

With Cisco support, Kiva brought its global program to the United States, where small businesses create two out of every three new jobs, but 70% of loan applications are rejected.

Cisco provided seed funding to develop and test Kiva’s model in the U.S., providing zero percent interest loans directly to low-to-moderate income U.S. entrepreneurs who have not been able to get a loan from conventional lenders. Kiva U.S. is now fully integrated within the Kiva platform. Kiva U.S. borrowers include women, veterans, minorities, and other entrepreneurial individuals around the U.S.


US$1.5B+ lent through Kiva

Because Kiva loans have a 97% repayment rate, lenders can re-loan to other borrowers to continue the cycle of change globally.

Universal dreams and opportunity

Kiva’s commitment to providing global access to financial services is changing lives, one loan at a time.

Lending teams are self-organized groups built around common interests, affiliations, or location. Since its establishment in 2008, Cisco's Kiva lending team has made more than 3,776 loans, totaling nearly US$112.5K in countries around the world, supporting loans in agriculture, retail business, services, education, and more.

Meet our community partners

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with innovative nonprofits to deliver transformative, tech-driven solutions for economic empowerment, education, and crisis response, which includes shelter, water, food, and disaster relief.